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Today’s post is related to an assignment in EDUC 6115 where we have been instructed to create a blog and then post a review regarding three blogs about instructional design that we explored and found useful.  The following four blogs are some that I found particularly interesting and potentially useful for myself as someone who has little knowledge or experience in the field of instructional design and technology.  I hope my fellow classmates enrolled in this course will also find something of value in each of them.

1. Train Like a Champion~ Tips, tools, techniques and musings for presenters, adult educators and trainers

     Training Magazine named Brian Washburn, the author of the Train Like a Champion blog, a Top Young Trainer of 2011. He is currently the manager of Global Training & Development for SightLife.  Washburn relates high performance athletes with high performance educators which allows him to integrate his love of sports with his passion for training.

Train Like a Champion is frequently updated with new blogs posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Washburn’s writings are thoughtful, clear, concise, and easy to read. The reader will find a variety of instructional design and training-related material which is presented in an intelligent, professional manner, utilizing text and visuals such as photos and imbedded videos. I was impressed to learn that Washburn quite actively responds to comments posted by readers. He encourages open, in-depth discussion and I even saw an instance where he acknowledged the contribution of a reader’s comment to a topic by inviting him to provide analysis of a certain case study for an upcoming blog topic. Washburn’s professional, engaging tone makes this blog a pleasure to read. The several articles I have read thus far have focused on topics that are useful to me in relation to the workplace and employee training.  I often train staff individually and in groups, and I present material at departmental inservices.  A particularly good posting is this one called, Waiting for the Movie, on the use of training videos.  Since I do not have K-12 experience I am not sure of the application of this information in that particular setting so I am curious to hear the thoughts of some of my classmates on this question.  Washburn’s broad array of topics will entice me to return to his site regularly and frequently.

2. Experiencing E-Learning

Christy Tucker is an instructional designer whose primary focus is on the development of engaging e-learning and blended learning.  Her experience includes teaching in public schools, corporate training, and now running her own instructional design business, Syniad Learning (  Tucker posts about many topics, such as learning theory and learning management systems. One thing I like about Experiencing E-Learning is the weekly bookmarks posts where Tucker provides a list of links to relevant articles, tools, and tips, such as this…Weekly Bookmarks (11/25/12).  Check out her series of posts on becoming an instructional designer here.  I think this blog will be a great place for me to explore to help me become familiar with what instructional designers actually do in the real world.

3.  The E-Learning Coach

Connie Malamed holds a graduate degree in Instructional Design and Technology (I wonder if she is a Walden  alum?) and has authored a book on how to design for the human mind called, Visual Language for Designers: Principles for Creating Graphics that People Understand.  Malamed offers services as a consultant, writer, and speaker through her company, Connie Malamed Consulting.

On this site, blog author Connie Malamed offers tips and reviews for success with online and mobile learning.  Information is available regarding metalearning, jobs in instructional design, books for learning professionals, cognition, coaching articles, improving creativity, mobile authoring tools, higher thinking, e-learning design, and more.  A particularly exciting bit of information that I encountered was this article on an instructional design phone application called ID Guru.  This application puts over 450 definitions of terms used in instructional design and related fields at your fingertips.  Definitions also include hyperlinks to additional information for an even greater educational experience.  For those of us with little knowledge of instructional design and e-learning I think there will be many other gems to discover on this site.  And I just discovered that Malamed is actually the creator of this app!  As a “newbie” to the field of instructional design, I am excited and looking forward to spending more time exploring this site.

4.  E-Learning 24/7 Blog ~ The Truth and Realities of E-Learning

     Craig Weiss, the author of the E-Learning 24/7 Blog, is the CEO for E-Learning 24/7, which offers analysis, advice and consulting services to in the e-learning industry. Weiss has a very in-depth technical knowledge of Learning Management Systems and e-learning tools.  While this blog is not specific to instructional design, it is certainly useful as a resource from the technology side of the e-learning world.  In this blog, Weiss offers learning management system product reviews and discussions on their use, as well as training solutions. Weiss also offers a variety of comparisons between systems, content on authoring tools, and provides information on trends and forecasts in the industry.  Admittedly, from my extremely limited knowledge base much of what is discussed here is quite foreign to my ears, which is my reason for subscribing to, and promoting this blog.  I believe the information here will be valuable to introduce me, and perhaps some of my fellow classmates, to the world of learning management systems and their uses as we move forward with our education in this field.

  1. Great job on your blog Lorena! It looks great and is easy to follow.

  2. Hi Lorena,
    Thanks for the mention of my site, The eLearning Coach. I have around 200 articles there related to instructional design, cog psych, visual design and anything I think will interest learning architects. My degree (from 20 years ago!) is from University of Texas (Austin).

    This was an informative post and I hope you continue writing. BTW, I also have created a free 12-lesson email course called Breaking into Instructional Design. Perhaps it will help your fellow students be prepared when they look for an ID job. People can sign up at:

    Best luck in your program,

    • Lorena Novak Bull, RD says:

      You are welcome, Connie! Thank you for your reply. And thank you for taking the time to make so much information available online. I intend to sign-up for your email course and will certainly share the opportunity with my classmates.

      Best wishes,

  3. Lorena Bull says:

    It looks like it finally posted correctly! Please let me know if you encounter any problems with the site…

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